Optimize your asset’s performance

With actionable insights, make informed choices that lower your spendings:
use real data to fortify your assumptions, manage risk and capitalize on opportunities as they arise!

Get visibility of what’s happening in your assets and foster collaboration among all stakeholders by using data as a common language: centralize knowledge on our unique platform to streamline workflows and enable flowless collaboration

Identify areas for improvement, detect inefficiencies, monitor your progress, and guide your asset transformation to meet ESG standards. With data-driven insights, support sustainable growth and long-term value creation.


From challenge to success,
count on us to cover all your needs!

Our solutions for office and managed residential assets :


Adjust to occupation

Key functionalities
Measuring physical occupancy
Anticipating tenant needs
Increasing the use of services
Optimizing office layout


Reduce consumptions

Key functionalities

Measuring consumption

Reducing consumption

ESG reporting

(SRI, tertiary decree)


Improve work environment
Key functionalities
Measuring space comfort
Improving air quality
Ensuring thermal comfort

Improving productivity
and well-being of occupants


Equip your asset

Key functionalities
Defining a smart building strategy
Deploying IoT sensors

Certifying your assets

In all our plans:

What is included:



Alerts and recommendations

Data Asset Managers accompaniment

What is optional:

Annual sensor maintenance

Collecting data from third-party data sources
Data visualization on plan
Conversational AI (chatbot)


In every scenario, 
there’s an opportunity for gain!

Reach out to explore the problems we solve!


In the blink of an eye, your assets speak to you

Asset’s onboarding

0 to 3months

Asset’s performance

3 months +

Asset’s onboarding

0 to 3 months

Asset’s performance

3 months +


We deliver a solution, designed to address the unique needs in order to manage the challenges and opportunities in your real estate portfolios. The solution is powerful, quick to deliver and affordable, leading to rapid ROI. Throughout the onboarding process, Square Sense will supervise our select partners, hardware suppliers and installers while you stay focused on managing your assets.

Evaluating your needs

Financial, strategic, and technical audit.

Visiting your assets

Technical inspection and checking the feasibility of the physical installation.

Designing and implementing the solution

Provision, installation, and commissioning of IoT devices, supervised by Square Sense. Integration and configuration of data sources into the Square Sense platform, followed by data collection and processing.


We provide initial data analysis and recommendations to achieve quick and impactful results. Dedicated data asset managers will conduct an in-depth analysis of your assets as soon as data begins flowing into our platform. Within the first three months, you will see tangible benefits in energy consumption, occupant satisfaction, and tenant relationships.
Initial Analysis
Select the best business cases based on collected data sets and identified asset challenges, while also implementing continuous monitoring and data analysis.
Business Recommendations

Push business recommendations generated by our artificial intelligence to selected stakeholders.
Maximise impact with control and validation by our real estate expert team.

Measure of Impact

Quantify the benefits of your decisions with our state-of-the-art automated process,
enabling continuous improvement of your assets.

Transform your practice by scaling the deployment on your real estate portfolio. After these initial successes, we support you in transforming your asset and property management practices to increase productivity and performance. We extend our contribution to the strategic level by providing risk and portfolio managers with new dimensions of analysis to tackle challenges as they arise. Our clients also benefit from our innovative framework to design new value-add services for tenants.

Automation and Improved task workflow

Automated and customized Design an automated notification and task workflow management fitted to your organization. Provide all stakeholders with a common platform and language to speed up and strengthen information sharing and leadership.
Strategic reports to the Executive Committee
Provide sophisticated analyses of the performance of your real estate portfolios, combining quantitative and qualitative research based on trusted data. Report on improvements thanks to a robust methodology to measure the impact of your decisions.
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