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What is SmartScore?

SmartScore is a certification from WiredScore that sets a global standard for smart buildings. It ensures that developers and landlords provide top-tier assets that meet the needs of modern tenants. The certification globally recognizes and promotes technologically advanced buildings with advanced smart technology, enhanced user experience, cost efficiency, and high sustainability standards. SmartScore certifies that buildings are fully equipped to handle both contemporary and future demands.

We are an
accredited solution

Square Sense is one of the first official “smart-building” solutions accredited by WiredScore. This prestigious certification means that by using our solution, you can implement effective systems and achieve certification almost immediately.


How it works?

SmartScore assesses every building against the outcomes and benefits they offer.
Points are awarded based on the deployment of essential services and equipment:

User Functionality
to what extent the building delivers the outstanding outcomes for its users.
Technological Foundations
to what extent the technology, processes and procedures are robust and future proof.


to what extent the building integrates modern and advanced technologies.


Display your  
commitment to innovation

The SmartScore certification grade depends on the points you earn, with each level requiring a minimum threshold.
The more points you accumulate, the higher the certification and recognition.
With Square Sense, you are assured at least a Silver Level certification.
You can proudly display the certificate in your building to showcase your achievements.


How to get certified?

From setting initial certification goals and defining project scope to managing stakeholders and collecting evidence,
our approach ensures a seamless journey towards achieving certification objectives with precision and efficiency.








Meet our SmartScore
 accredited Professional

Meet David Sanchez, our Head of Project Management and IoT Solutions Manager and a SmartScore Accredited Professional. With his extensive expertise, David will accompany you through the entire process of certifying your assets as smart buildings, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way.

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