All-in-one key solution

From sensor deployment to decarbonization guidance, our clients rely on us for a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

A complete system
of data collection

Leverage all available sources of data

Access and visualize
the data

Receive support from
Real Estate experts

Embrace ESG strategies
and get labeled


Seamless installation and integration with 
existing sensors

We ensure the installation of the appropriate equipment to collect the most relevant data for you. Occupancy is crucial in determining the value of all metrics.With our proprietary sensors and a curated supplier catalog, we offer effective solutions for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis.Whether it’s dynamic or static data, we create a digital twin for detailed insights.

Discover the full range of our services:

Advisory on set-up

Seamless installation

Integration with existing sources

IoT maintenance

We install sensors to collect the necessary data (non-exhaustive list):
People counter

Energy meter

Air quality


Explanatory diagram of data collection:

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Consolidation and harmonization made simple, 
ready for immediate use!

We aggregate different types of data for your assets (annual rents, service charges, CapEX, stacking plans, etc),
to maximize the benefits of the solution.We can also add data from third-party systems (optional).



Data types


Digital twin


Curious if your connectors or APIs can be integrated?
Contact us to explore the possibilities and discover how we can also develop custom connectors tailored to your needs!


Access and visualize everything  in one spot!

Access all your data in a single, reliable platform that asset managers can use to support their day-to-day activities: 
from managing tenant relations to optimizing operations.

Dive into intuitive features for holistic insights, simplified workflows, and informed decisions. 

Our dashboards provide a clear view of your asset’s inner workings.

Stay informed with alerts concerning asset performance, consumption patterns, and other relevant metrics.
By providing early warnings, alerts empower proactive steps to prevent system outages and minimize associated risks.


Support and expertise

Step into the realm of data asset management expertise with a team of experienced real estate professionals. They’re here to provide personalized advice, thorough analysis, and actionable recommendations. Drawing from extensive experience and insights from our vast portfolio, we deliver detailed reports, strategic guidance on portfolio risks, potential gains, areas for improvement, and competitive benchmarks.

Tailored asset and portfolio-level reports to track performance. Facilitating collaboration among stakeholders.
Meeting external reporting requirements, including ESG and certifications.

Introducing Amaia, our 24/7 virtual assistant ready to serve you. Unlock the hidden insights of your assets effortlessly: receive instant answers, generate charts in seconds, engage in endless conversations, and more. With Amaia by your side, harness the power of real-time assistance and make informed decisions with ease.

Achieve smart building 

Square Sense assists you in obtaining certification to elevate your property’s appeal and market value.
Boost asset valuation

Command premium rent

Future-proof your property

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