Data-Driven Real Estate Asset Management

Why Square Sense

End user knowledge is key for long term value creation. Yet, real estate asset managers have little knowledge about their end users.

Without data, there is no knowledge. Real estate asset managers risk losing their business to data-native competitors. It is more than ever needed to transform real estate into a data-driven industry.

Square provides cutting-edge solutions to help investors and asset managers perfectly understand their end users and maximize assets cash flow and value.

Our Solution

Square Sense aims to augment real estate asset management capabilities through IoT and AI.

Internet of Things

Square Sense flexible infrastructure collects numerous types of anonymous data, depending on needs, in order to capture signals revealing the psychology behind the use of space.

Artificial Intelligence

Square Sense artificial intelligence aims at rapidly understanding user profiles and behaviors, identify levers of value creation, evaluate the effects of business decisions to improve operations and refine strategies.

Use Cases

Retail real estate
Retail Real Estate
Coworking & offices
Coworking & Offices

Contact Us

Square Sense is based in Paris, France.

We would be glad to have a chat with you, understand your challenges and present our expertise. Feel free to drop us a message or get in touch through social networks.