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Founded in 2018, our company was born out of a unique fusion of expertise in real estate management, data science, software engineering and entrepreneurship. This diverse skill set among our founders paved the way for a groundbreaking approach to real estate asset management. The inspiration for our venture stemmed from the personal frustrations experienced by one of our founders during his tenure as a fund manager. He recognized a critical gap in understanding how occupants interact with their physical surroundings, and how such insights could revolutionize real estate asset management. Motivated by a vision that continuous data about building usage is essential to address both current and future challenges, we set out to transform how investors and asset managers leverage information to maximize both financial and non-financial performance. Our platform represents the confluence of innovation and practicality, aiming to empower real estate professionals with actionable, data-driven insights.


We believe in change
In coming years real estate players will take actions based on real-time reliable data and taylor-made benchmarks. AI will help to predict and anticipate market trends, as well as on day-to-day asset management tasks.

Square Sense’s mission is to help industry leaders to undertake this transformation, providing efficient tools and services to improve day-to-day activity and optimizing financial and extra financial performances


Global asset management

Our commitment to revolutionizing real estate asset management extends across borders.


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16 Countries

+ 2,5 M sqm

+ 150 Assets



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Head of
Data Engineering

Head of Sales
Asset Managers and Corporate

Head of
Data Asset Management

CPO & Head of
Real Estate Services

Product Manager

Head of Sales
Asset Managers and Developers


Our teams acts as an
operational data partner

Real Estate

Our real estate team brings together data asset managers, real estate analysts, product specialists, and salespeople. This potent mix of skills allows us to deliver the best products to asset managers. We manage premium relationships with our clients, providing a superior level of customer service. We achieve this by developing high-quality tools to market, sell, and operate our products effectively.


Our team of experts has a combined skillset that covers data engineering, full-stack web development, site reliability engineering, and quality assurance. We are responsible for the implementation, quality control analysis, delivery, and maintenance of the Square Sense software solution and data lakehouse, as well as providing ongoing support of data-related activities.

Data Science

Our research team includes data product managers, data scientists, data analysts, and machine learning engineers. Each team member holds an advanced degree in a quantitative discipline. We design, implement and operate algorithms to optimize real estate asset managers’ key metrics while building trust-enabling features that drive user adoption: explainability, interactivity, and experience-driven decision-making support.

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