How to future-proof your real estate portfolio with a state-of-the-art data platform

Our business intelligence and decision-support technology for the real estate industry benefits portfolio and asset management professionals as well as property, facility and workplace management.

From the first asset to your entire portfolio, we support you with professional services so you can make the most out of our solution.

We deliver a solution designed to address your challenges

3 months

We have developed a robust method to design a solution ideally suited to the challenges of your real estate portfolio yet affordable to achieve a rapid ROI.

Rest assured, the rigorous selection of our partners, hardware suppliers, and installers, supervised by Square Sense, allows you to focus on managing your assets.

Evaluating your needs

Financial, strategic, and technical audit

Visiting your assets

Technical inspection and checking the feasibility of the physical installation

Designing and implementing the solution

Provision, installation, and commissioning of IoT devices, supervised by Square Sense

Integration and configuration of data sources into the Square Sense platform

Beginning of data collection and processing

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We provide initial data analysis and recommendations to get quick and impactful results

3 to 6 months

We have developed a collection of business cases we can apply right after your data start to flow into our platform.

We provide initial data analysis and business recommendations with tangible benefits within the first three months to start improving energy consumption, occupant satisfaction and tenant relationships.

Initial analysis

Select the best business cases based on collected data sets and identified asset challenges.

Automatically apply corresponding continuous monitoring and data analysis.

Business recommendations

Push business recommendations generated by our artificial intelligence to selected stakeholders.

Maximise impact with control and validation by our real estate expert team.

Measure of impact

Quantify the benefit of your decisions with our state-of-the-art automated process, and start implementing continuous improvement of your assets.

Transform your practice by scaling the deployment on your real estate portfolio

6+ months

After these initial successes, we support you in transforming your asset and property management practices to increase productivity and performance.

We extend our contribution to the strategic level by providing risk and portfolio managers with new dimensions of analysis to tackle challenges as they arise.

Our clients also benefit from our innovative framework to design new value-add services for tenants.

Automated and customised collaboration workflow

Design an automated notification and task workflow management fitted to your organisation.

Provide all stakeholders with a common platform and language to speed up and strengthen information sharing and leadership.

Strategic reports to the Executive Committee

Provide sophisticated analyses of the performance of your real estate portfolios, combining quantitative and qualitative research based on trusted data.

Report on improvements thanks to a robust methodology to measure the impact of your decisions.


We are already shaping the future of real estate management

Benefit from our combined expertise in real estate, IoT, Software and Data by deploying an evolving data platform that solves your most pressing challenges.

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