The environment of buildings is changing rapidly. In recent years, significant evolutions have impacted landlords and how they market their properties. Now more than ever, landlords are searching for ways to distinguish themselves. It’s no longer just about choice; the quality of the product is necessary for attracting tenants in today’s market.

While various enhancements can boost the value and appeal of a property, certifications stand out as one of the wisest choices. They cater to tenants’ personal preferences and safeguard the future by anticipating stricter and higher-quality commercial standards.

One of these certifications, called SmartScore, is gaining attention. It’s a global standard with different levels identifying the best smart buildings. These buildings offer great user experiences, drive cost efficiency, and meet high sustainability standards.

In this article, we’ll discuss why achieving the highest level of SmartScore certification is crucial and explore how leveraging Accredited Solutions can simplify and enhance the certification process.

The Importance of Valuable Certification

In today’s world, where many offices remain unoccupied or waiting to be sold, asset owners find themselves in a position where they must adapt their strategies to maximize the value of their properties.

Across most cities, there is a decrease in demand for commercial offices, while the supply exceeds the demand. No matter the case involved, owners need to demonstrate the value of the asset to attract buyers or tenants. To enhance attractivity, showcasing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and resilience becomes imperative.

Certifications like SmartScore, available for both occupied and development projects, serve as tangible evidence of this commitment and earn recognition from peers and potential buyers. It ensures pragmatic building services with concrete financial and environmental impact. In a landscape where numerous certifications exist, SmartScore stands out as a trusted benchmark, globally recognized, and among the most esteemed.

According to a study [1], properties that don’t meet sustainability criteria could lose up to 30% of their value by 2050 and will miss out on the opportunity to do a premium lease.
So financially speaking, certifications bring significant asset value.

What the SmartScore certification is about and how it works

SmartScore is a comprehensive rating system designed to assess different levels of achievements based on a property’s digitalization, environmental impact, and services offered. With certifications ranging from certified to platinum levels, it caters to diverse asset types and service offerings.

SmartScore delves into various operational aspects such as energy efficiency, service quality, tenant satisfaction, and integration of smart building technologies to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a property’s overall performance and sustainability.

This standardized and globally recognized framework ensures immediate validation of asset performance and valuation. It applies to all types of properties, from smart retrofits to premium developments. It serves as a valuable tool for optimizing asset management strategies, pinpointing areas for enhancement, and maximizing the value of real estate portfolios.
Properties attaining higher certification levels showcase advanced strategies and outstanding results across all operational fronts, thus serving as exemplars for sustainability innovation.

Simplifying and Enhancing the Certification Journey with Square Sense

While the rewards of achieving the highest SmartScore certification are undeniable, the journey to attaining it can often be arduous and complex for owners. This is where Accredited Solutions come into play, offering a streamlined path toward certification while ensuring compliance with rigorous standards.

Square Sense is an Accredited Solution recognized by SmartScore, simplifying the process for asset owners to easily achieve certification and meet all the criteria with a simple and turnkey solution. Beyond certification, It includes benefits like building occupancy analytics, energy efficiency optimization, and health monitoring.

Additionally, Square Sense provides Accredited Professionals who give access to invaluable expertise, resources, and guidance that can significantly enhance their certification journey.

Empowering Success through SmartScore Certification and Accredited Solutions

By leveraging Square Sense’s Accredited Solution and Accredited Professional, Asset Managers can not only simplify the certification journey but also ensure compliance with rigorous standards and best practices. It’s a strategic investment in long-term success, empowering landlords and investors to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Embrace the potential of your smart building with SmartScore Certification and Square Sense to maximize asset value and leasing success.

[1] Source: “The Future of Commercial Real Estate is Written in Green” EY – 2022

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