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What makes us unique?

Square Sense operates a global platform with assets in more than 12 European, North American and Asian countries.

Solve your main challenges through occupancy analysis

At Square Sense, occupancy data is at the heart of our technology.

By contextualising all other data with occupancy, we help you solve all your challenges: environmental impact and energy performance, tenant relationships, and user experience.

Data about

Space utilisation and use of services


Energy performance

Energy efficiency

Save 15% to 30% on HVAC and lighting consumption  by identifying underused spaces and predicting inefficiency.


Return to the office

Asset performance

Reduce risk of vacancy by understanding how hybrid working will affect tenant retention.


Quality of services

User satisfaction

Optimise space usage and quality of services by understanding tenants’ needs.

A robust operational process to assist real estate asset managers with smart building innovation

Design a relevant and affordable “smart” solution to target your assets’ specific challenges

Provide, install, and commission the selected IoT devices and collect and centralise data sources into our platform

Process, visualise, and analyse data to get insights and recommendations from our Data Asset Management team of experts

Manage your portfolio accordingly to achieve and measure concrete benefits

All your portfolio and asset data always remain safe and accessible

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Privacy & Security

Our GDPR-compliant solution uses local data centers and an audited platform for cyber security that meets the most rigorous requirements.


Portfolio, asset, and tenant data is only accessible to authorized stakeholders.

Asset data remains the sole property of the asset owner.

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Our team of experts will lead you

Our passion for engineering, IoT, data science, and real estate drives us.

With these combined skills, we can help you lead the way into the future of the real estate industry.

Discover how a true operational data partner can lead your digital transformation

We have developed a unique method to blend data and real estate asset management. This innovative approach can deliver benefits otherwise inaccessible and makes us the best operational partner for your digital transformation.

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