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Our platform
empowers informed decisions

Our solutions remove uncertainty from daily operations, streamlining decision-making processes for stakeholders.

Specializing in data management and analysis, we empower asset managers in residential, office, and retail sectors to optimize investments and enhance tenant experiences.

Designed for real estate investment firms, developers, tenants, and operators, we facilitate faster, more informed decisions,
enabling you to prioritize the well-being of occupants and property managers.

All-in-one key solution

From sensor deployment to decarbonization guidance:

Our clients rely on us for a comprehensive end-to-end solution


A complete system
of data collection


Exploit all available sources of data


Access and visualize the data

DAM Team

Receive support from Real Estate experts


Embrace ESG strategies and get labeled


Unlock the full spectrum of our services:

advisory on set-up, seamless installation, integration with existing sources, and comprehensive data aggregation.
Occupation plays a pivotal role, in defining the value of all metrics. With our own set of sensors and a curated supplier catalog,
we offer unparalleled solutions for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis. 
Whether it’s dynamic or static data, 
we craft a digital twin for unparalleled insights.

We install sensors to collect the necessary data (non-exhaustive list):

People counter

Energy meter

Air quality


Explanatory diagram of data collection:

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We aggregate real estate data for your sites (annual rents excluding VAT, charges, CAPEX plan, space allocation, etc.).
We can also add data from third-party systems (optional).



Data types


Digital twin



Access all your data in a single, reliable source:
where asset management meets tenant relations and operational optimization

Dive into intuitive features for holistic insights, simplified workflows, and informed decisions


Our dashboards provide a condensed view of your asset’s inner workings.


Stay informed with alerts concerning asset performance, consumption patterns, and other relevant metrics.

By providing early warnings, alerts empower proactive steps to prevent system outages and minimize associated risks.

Asset Management Expertise

Step into the realm of data asset management expertise with a team of experienced real estate professionals.

They’re here to provide personalized advice, thorough analysis, and actionable recommendations.

Drawing from extensive experience and insights from our vast portfolio, we deliver detailed reports,
strategic guidance on portfolio risks, potential gains, areas for improvement, and competitive benchmarks.


Generate automated periodic reports for tracking performance.

Facilitating stakeholder collaboration.

Fulfilling external reporting requirements such as ESG and certifications.

Virtual assistant

Introducing Amaia, our 24/7 virtual assistant ready to serve you.

Unlock the hidden insights of your assets effortlessly: receive instant answers, generate charts in seconds, engage in endless conversations, and more.

With Amaia by your side, harness the power of real-time assistance and make informed decisions with ease.

Discover the use cases we solve:

Get certified

We assist real estate stakeholders in achieving regulatory compliance and advancing decarbonization efforts. We specialize in guiding actors within the industry to meet regulatory standards, while also pursuing certifications.

Join us as we lead the charge toward a sustainable and certified future for real estate.

Smartscore certification

Access all your data in a single, reliable source.
Our dashboards offer a comprehensive view of what’s happening inside your asset.